Our mission is to build purposeful spaces that account for and positively impact the broader community they are a part of. 

Genaris is a vertically integrated real estate developer that focuses on creating landmark communities and building healthcare facilities.

Meet the team

Harman Dhillon, P.Eng


Harman Dhillon is a civil (geotechnical) engineer/project manager. Harman brings over a decade of expertise and heads our development/construction operations. His background allows shareholders to unlock value and maximize profits within projects. His experience includes various construction and infrastructure works, including industrial facilities, residential subdivisions, residential towers, mixed-use developments, townhouse developments and single-family custom homes. Harman brings a unique skill set to our developments, as he uses his engineering experience to find and create efficiencies with the physical characteristics of real property. This is the ultimate objective of any development. Harman currently serves as a principal at one of the Fraser Valley's leading geotechnical engineering firms, Braun Geotechnical.

Dharam Dhillon, JD


Dharam Dhillon is a real estate and banking lawyer who handles all of our strategic deal structuring. His experience extends to a variety of developments including residential subdivisions, high-rise and mid-rise towers, mixed-use buildings, townhouse communities and single family dwelling houses. He focuses on deal structure, capital allocation, optimal deployment of leverage and maximizing shareholder value within our group. Dharam has worked previously at McMillan LLP, and currently leads the real estate law team at Wilson Rasmussen LLP.

Dr. Akash Villing, DMD, FRCD(C) 


Dr. Akash Villing is a healthcare professional and real estate investor with extensive experience in cycle-resistant real estate construction and investing. He focuses on resilient real estate asset classes including healthcare focused developments, with a commitment to cost effective and profitable retail and office construction. He combines his expertise in commercial and residential development and his passion for community building to provide value to investors, business owners and builders.


Genaris is committed to operating our businesses with honesty and integrity. Our values influence our decisions and guide every one of our actions.


We care about our ‎relationships and treat everyone with dignity, respect and trust.



We keep our promises and hold ourselves personally accountable for delivering on our commitments, acting with honesty and fairness.


We have established ourselves as forward-thinking leaders in design trends and construction practices as we shape the landscape of BC's real estate market.